Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Enjoy Fresh Dessert at Ippudo Japanese Restaurant Jakarta

You must know about Ippudo Japanese restaurant Jakarta. It becomes first Ippudo in Indonesia and you can find this restaurant when you come to Pacific Place 5th Floor. This restaurant is made with perfect interior design that makes people want to stay in this restaurant for long time. When we first enter this restaurant, we will feel Japan in all of parts of this restaurant. This restaurant is suitable for you, your friends and you can bring all family members too here. This restaurant has great and professional chefs so all of menus are served in perfect way. All waiters and waitresses will help you to find the best menu in this restaurant. When you read some reviews you will find reason people come to this place because this restaurant offers best dessert. What are examples of desserts menus that you can order from this restaurant?

Panna Cotta Ippudo - Best Japanese Restaurant in Jakarta
Panna Cotta
First you can order Panna Cotta. This Panna Cotta is best dessert especially for you who are vegetarian and for all of you who want to avoid high sugar. This Panna Cotta is made from soya and it is served with fresh honey and little bit palm sugar. It really ends your dinner with best taste. You will remember the taste of this dessert even you are not in this restaurant again. Second, you who are vegetarian too still can choose other dessert menu such as Green Tea Ice Cream. It is healthy ice cream for you. This green tea ice cream will be served with crunchy milk wafer and also red bean paste that is healthy and delicious too. Third, you can enjoy Black Sesame Ice Cream. This black sesame ice cream will not be found in some other restaurant. You can enjoy the unique color of ice cream and this ice cream will be served with red bean paste too.

The last dessert that is recommended for you from this restaurant is Chocolate ice cream. This ice cream will be served in unique look so all people will want to eat this dessert. You can also order other flavor of ice cream such as vanilla ice cream and also strawberry ice cream. All ice cream menus are home made so all ice cream will give authentic taste for you too. You should come to this best Japanese restaurant Jakarta now. It is the best and perfect place for you who want to taste real Japanese menu and Japanese atmosphere. You should avoid coming to this place in weekend because this place usually is fully reserved. It is time for you to order your favorite dessert from this restaurant.

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