Thursday, August 13, 2015

Find Best Appetizer from Ippudo Japanese Restaurant Jakarta

IPPUDO - Japanese Restaurant in Jakarta
It is possible for you to taste authentic Japanese menu in Indonesia now. You don’t need to go to Japan because it will waste your time and your money. You just need to go to Ippudo Japanese restaurant Jakarta. There are some reasons why you need to come to this restaurant. This restaurant is famous with ramen. All people know that Ippudo has perfect ramen but it is not the only reason why people come to this restaurant. You need to taste appetizer that is offered to you too. There are some types of appetizer that you can eat. One of perfect appetizer to choose is NikuMiso Tofu Salad.

Before you eat your main course, it is better for you to order this appetizer. This appetizer is recommended because it is mde with silky tofu that is served with meat miso paste and fresh greens, cherry tomatoes and avocado. This fresh tofu salad will become the best appetizer that you ever taste. This appetizer is made by best chef and it is served with perfect look and garnish too. For all of you who don’t like tofu, you can choose some other appetizer menus such as Salmon Salad with Japanese dressing.

This appetizer is made with fresh salon that is served with wasabi dressing. Wasabi dressing will give authentic Japanese taste in your appetizer. You can also order spicy boiled gyoza. This appetizer is great option for you who like spicy taste. How about you who like grilled chicken or ebi katsu? You don’t need to worry because Ippudo restaurant also offers you best appetizer menu with chicken. You just need to order Grilled Chicken Bun. This best appetizer is made with boneless chicken and you can taste Teriyaki sauce with steamed bun. If you like simple appetizer you can order Ebi Katsu bun. It is crunchy shrimp that is served with mayo sauce. You can choose spicy mayo sauce too for all of you who like spicy flavor. The next appetizer menu is Pork Bun. It is different with Pork bun that you can find in some other places. You can find Pork bun that is served with special sauce. This appetizer is best seller appetizer in the world and you must try it. How about price of all appetizers in this restaurant? You don’t need to worry because all appetizer menus are sold in affordable and reasonable price. You will get what you pay. Now, you don’t need to choose other place because you just need to visit Ippudo Japanese restaurant Jakarta.

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