Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ippudo Japanese Restaurant Jakarta with Special King Ramen Menu

Shiromaru Motoaji Ramen by IPPUDO

Ramen is famous Japanese food that we can find in some of restaurants in our country now. There are some restaurants that we can find but not all of restaurants offer best menu. For all of you who need best Japanese restaurant Jakarta, you better try to come to Ippudo Indonesia. This Japanese restaurant is first Ippudo restaurant in Indonesia. You can find this restaurant in Japan and some other countries in the world. People come to this restaurant because they want to try best ramen. There are some kinds of ramen that offered to you and you can try one of best ramen menus named Shiromaru Motoaji.

This ramen is so special because it is served with ultra thin noodles, bean sprouts, spring onions, pork loin, kikurage and some other things. This ramen is served with classic Hakata style.  If you order this ramen, you need to add suggested combination such as Shiromaru Tamago. It is Shirumaru that is served with salted boiled egg. Then you can add Shiromaru Chasu. It is Shirumaru with shimmered of pork belly. All people who order this ramen can choose their own noodles. You can choose soft noodles, normal noodles, hard noodles and also very hard noodles. You can choose texture of your noodles and also flavor that you want. All noodles will be boiled to aldente and you will be able to taste the best wheat in your each bite with natural aroma.

If you don’t want to choose this ramen, you still can choose some other menus such as Karaka Men Ramen, Akamaru Shinaji ramen and some other ramen menus. All Ramen will be cooked well and served in perfect look too so all people want to eat and taste the best ramen in the world. You don’t need to worry because all of ramen will be cooked by professional chef too. You can search how people say about ramen in this place. You can also read review about ramen in this restaurant. You who want to come to this restaurant need to make reservation especially in the weekend. You need to check this restaurant website to know some other menus of this restaurant because this restaurant is not only offering you ramen but some other best menus. You can come to Pacific Place 5th Floor South of Jakarta now. If you are looking for best ramen, you only need to come to this Japanese restaurant Jakarta.

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