Thursday, August 27, 2015

4 Recommended Menus of the Japanese Restaurant Jakarta

Ippudo is claimed to be the recommended Japanese restaurant Jakarta. It belongs to a big and wide restaurant so that it can accommodate many ramen lovers who want to taste the delicacy of the original ramen taste. The restaurant is always crowded and full visited by people. To attract the costumers, this restaurant tries to have innovation to Japanese food menus. Here is the list of recommended menus in this restaurant.

Shiromaru Kakuni
The first favorite menu in Ippudo, the Japanese restaurant is Shiromaru Kakuni. This restaurant is very identical to ramen menu. This menu belongs to the ramen food menu. This authentic ramen with original dressing is available with a big portion. The pork belly of this ramen is very huge and juicy. Those are the main points of shiromaru kakuni. This delicious ramen is completed by parsley, kikurage and sprouts. The ingredients make this ramen taste yummy.

Karaka Kakuni

Most of the ramen menus listed in Ippudo table menu list are very delicious. One of the recommended ramen menus is Karaka Kakuni. For this ramen menu, it tastes more space than the other ramen menus in this restaurant. The dressing colors red and added soft ramen noodles. The special thing of this ramen is the selection of the noodles. You may select the level of noodle types. So, do not get worried about the texture of ramen noodles. The topping of this ramen is two slices of pork increasing the delicacy of karaka kakuni.

Akamaru Kakuni
This ramen menu is almost similar to shiromaru kakuni. The difference is only the sauce and dressing in which it is not as white as shiromaru. The sauce is more seasoned with luscious broth taste. But, for some people, this ramen is less salty so that it needs to add salt. Meanwhile, for the topping of akamaru kakuni, it is same as shiromaru containing sprouts, kakurage and parsley. The serving of this ramen is almost same differentiating the color of bowl.

Hot Potato Salad
The last happening menu in Ippudo, Japanese restaurant Jakarta is hot potato salad. The restaurant does not provide ramen menus. It also includes salad, beef rice, katsu and sushi. Hot potato salad is very special in this restaurant. The hot salad contains some kinds of vegetables. It is usually served when it is still hot. The hot serving makes it so tasty. All ingredients are mixed very well so it gives salty taste. It involves salmon eggs to be topping of the salad.

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