Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Specialty Menus of Ippudo Japanese Restaurant Jakarta

Having great dinner or lunch with your special one is important especially when you and your special one celebrate special day such as marriage anniversary, birthday and some other special days. In other to celebrate your special day, you need to find right and special place too. Ippudo Japanese Restaurant Jakarta will become the best place to enjoy all best menus. When people firstly come to new restaurant, what will they ask? They usually will ask about special menus in this restaurant. How about Ippudo restaurant? This restaurant offers some specialty menus that you can try. Here, you will find information about special menus in this restaurant.
Seared Salmon Roll w/ Mentaiko - IPPUDO Indonesia

First you can order seared salmon roll that is served with Mentaiko. This menu becomes favorite menu in this restaurant because it is made with fresh salmon and it is made with delicious mentaiko with cod roe. This seared salmon roll is served in long white plate that makes all people want to eat fast. Second, you can order Ippudo Pork Bun. You can taste juicy pork belly that is served with secret and special Ippudo sauce. It becomes best seller from this restaurant and you must try this menu or you will never taste heaven in the world. Third, you can order Shiromaru Motoaji. It is one of best ramen menus that offered by this restaurant. We will feel nothing when we come to Japanese restaurant and we don’t order ramen. This ramen is made with ultra thin noodles so you can easy eat and taste the original noodles. This ramen is served with pork loin, kikurage and bean sprouts. All people who order this ramen really feel the best taste of ramen in the world.

The other ramen menu that you can order is Akamaru Shinaji Ramen for you who like ramen served with miso paste. The last ramen that is special from this restaurant is Karaka Men Ramen. This ramen is special because it is served with cashew nuts, ground pork and also bean sprouts. You can taste spicy miso too in this ramen. You don’t have reason to not choose this restaurant because you still can order best desserts and also best beverages from this best Japanese restaurant Jakarta. You can come to this restaurant now and then order the best menu from this place. You will enjoy Japanese atmosphere too in this restaurant. You will feel like you are in Japan.

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