Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What Do You Know about the Japanese Restaurant Jakarta?

Ippudo is a Japanese restaurant Jakarta offering some kinds of ramen menus and also Japanese food menu. When you visited Jakarta, you must visit to this restaurant and taste ramen menu. The popularity of ramen menu from this restaurant has been happening among people. These are several things of Ippudo.

Ippudo Offers Original and Authentic Ramen
Ippudo was established since 1985. Most of the ramen menus in this restaurant take pork to be the main ingredient. It did not make menu with 100% ingredient of chicken since 30 years ago. After years, it has been innovating to the special menu of ramen for Indonesian in order to be able to taste ramen delicacy. Ippudo is happening in the world being compatible with philosophy of the founder, Shigemi Kawahara to innovate continuously to remain true. To apply the philosophy, then it is made two kinds of ramen menus with basic ingredients of chicken to be the current innovation. This is used to meet the needs of markets in some Muslim countries. The ramen recipe is very original mixed by the founder.

Chicken Ramen Menu
It has been explained that chicken ramen menu becomes the latest menu innovation. The making process of ramen is not easy because it needs to consider some aspects including ingredient quality and sauce used. It requires high carefulness and thinks over the originality of ramen menu. After some experiments, it has been got the best chicken ramen recipe being appropriate for Indonesian. It is completed by fish soybean making it so yummy and chilies, the most favorite ingredient for Indonesian food.  The topping of ramen is chicken and changes the taste of ramen to be soup. The ingredients used are so special and quality starting from noodles making to be thinner and softer. The sauce of chicken ramen is from chicken bone stew on the small flame level for ten hous.

The Location of the Best Japanese Restaurant in Jakarta
Ippudo Jakarta

You have to understand better about menus and quality taste of this Japanese restaurant Jakarta, Ippudo. It is the right time to know the location of this restaurant. It helps you to find where you can enjoy the tasty ramen menus ever. It is located in Pacific Place Mall Jakarta on the fifth floor. You can come to this restaurant daily for 10 am to 22 pm. You will get surprised on the services of staffs and restaurant decoration concept. You can rent a private room if you want to have a personal eating situation during enjoying ramen menus.

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