Friday, September 25, 2015

Wagyu Beef and Cod in Japanese Restaurant in Jakarta

Everything about Japan seems unique and interesting. Music, foods, cultures, tourist attractions and the urban planning, which is very futuristic, are fabulous things that can draw attention from people across the world. That’s why Japan becomes one of top favorite destinations for tourists. Since its foods invade the world, many Japanese restaurants, both built by Japanese people themselves and the local people of a region, compete to each other try serving their best foods to give satisfaction to foodies and food lovers. Japanese restaurant Jakarta, such as Hide Yamamoto, is one of the most sought-after Japanese restaurants. It exists with unique concepts which will satisfy the desire of its customers for Japanese foods. It comes with some delicious foods, which two of them use Wagyu Beef and Cod as the main ingredients.

Wagyu Beef
Some people may familiar with wagyu beef, while others not. Wagyu beef and Japanese Kobe Beef come from the same breed. Though they are red meats, they are healthy to consume. Wagyu beef itself is soft and flavorsome, but you have to notice or at least look for some information about its fat and calorie content. If you have four ounces of good and healthy wagyu beef on your portion, then it means you will consume 330 calories. Meanwhile, if you have four ounces of lean meat, then it means you’ll take 193 calories. People are recommended to consume not more than 2,000 calorie per day or in other words, you are allowed to take saturated fat only in the amount of 22g or only 44 up to 78g of fat. Wagyu beef contains total fat in the amount of 28 and saturated fat for about 11g. However, wagyu beef is good for your health. It is because the meat is good for your heart, good for someone who is going on a diet as it helps to lose weight, fight against cancer and many more. Wagyu beef contains Oleic acid and conjugated linoleic acid.

In addition to wagyu beef, Hide Yamamoto restaurant also has Cod in their menu. Cod is a kind of fish which is rich in macronutrients, phosphorus and selenium; and Vitamin B content. For those who want to make a diet list, just put Cod in it as it is low in fat. Cod only has 48 mg cholesterol for cooked Atlantic cod, as well as with Pacific cod. Unfortunately, it is not rich in omega-3 fatty acids since it belongs to fish in low fat.  

Cod and wagyu beef can be enjoyed in Hide Yamamoto, Japanese restaurant Jakarta. It is located at Lotte Shopping Avenue with a variety of menu, such as wagyu beef, Silver Cod Fillet with Butter Soy Sauce, Foie Gras with saikyo Mizu Yuzu Flavour and Grilled Rack of Lamb. It’s open every day, from Monday to Sunday. Take yourself here to taste such delicious Japanese foods.

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