Thursday, September 10, 2015

Taste Different Japanese Ramen in IPPUDO

Ramen which happens to be Japanese noodles dish that is served with warm broth is very popular across the world. There are many people who fell in love with the unique taste of Ramen. Hence, it is not surprising if those who love ramen are willing to go to Japan in order to taste the real Japanese ramen. As Japanese ramen delicious taste is very well known, IPPUDO which happens to be one of finest ramen restaurants in Japan look at this great opportunity to enhance their delicious recipes in many countries around the world including Indonesia. With the presence of this Japanese restaurant Jakarta, you do not need to go to Japan to taste the original ramen. Established by the best ramen chef in Japan, this ramen restaurant always tries to give the best services for its customers. It can be seen from new innovations that are added in the menu or in the restaurant itself. All of them are given in order to give the customers best experience whilst they are enjoying the ramen.

The well experienced services are depicted from the main course of this restaurant. This restaurant provides various original ramen from Japan that are served in more interesting way. There are three selections of main course that offers different delicious taste of original Japanese ramen. The first main course is Shiromaru Motoaji which uses super thin noodles and pork loins as the main ingredients and it is prepared with original tonkotsu broth. This menu usually includes bean sprouts, spring onion, and kikurage on top of the ramen. The special thing that you will get if you eat Shiromaru ramen in this restaurant is that you can choose the combinations of the condiments. You can choose the one which is served with boiled egg, pork belly, and even seaweed. Another special main course offered by this Japanese restaurant Jakarta is Akamaru Shinaji. The ingredient that is used in this ramen is quite similar with Shiromaru which consists of thin noodles and pork belly. It is also served with bean sprouts, spring onions, and kikurage as condiments. Akamaru is considered as modern ramen which is served with blended miso paste and fragrant garlic oil that make it different from classic Shinomaru. The last main course is Karaka-Men. It can be a good option for you who want to experience different taste of ramen. Besides use special noodles from this restaurant, the condiments of this ramen is very tantalizing since it includes ground pork, spicy miso, bean sprouts, and cashew nuts.

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