Friday, September 18, 2015

Let's Have Full Dishes in The Best Japanese Restaurant Jakarta

Hi food lovers, this time I would show you how to enjoy the life by visiting the best Japanese Restaurant in Indonesia. This restaurant is IPPUDO and it only has one store in Indonesia that is located in Jakarta.
First impression when I look at the dominant color in this restaurant’s ornament, I like the red of the domain. It uses the feng shui that the best color to boost people’s desire to eat more and more is red color.

Another thing that I like to spend my time coming here is because I know that this restaurant was founded and owned by a Ramen King, Mr. Shigemi Kawahara. He has won the TV Champion in Japan in more than three times.

His hardworking and ideology “to continuously innovate to remain true” as his mission, is one of my motivations to give a try his art work in the kitchen.

He never underestimates every second the work creating food come from his kitchen. He even says that all chefs and employees are the actors that have their own roles in the kitchen. The stage of their roles as actors in the kitchen start from the preparation, cooking process, serving and even until they close the store.

It is surely not an easy job but when someone is happy, whatever becomes everything important. It obviously is hold by Mr. Kawahara and his all employees around the world.

He never wants to decrease his Japanase true identity both in his style, ideology, and the work. Every time you try the menus in the IPPUDO restaurant, you will be able to feel the true atmosphere of Japan.
For the opening side dish or appetizer, I will choose Grilled Chicken Bun costs IDR 25,000.00 and Spicy Boiled Gyoza with its price IDR 39,000.00. Two small appetizers will not satisfy me, so I will order another favorite dish that is Seared Salmon Roll with Mentaiko costs IDR 78,000.00.

Garlic Chicken Teppan Rice
Enough with the appetizers, I will order the light main dish. The choice comes to ramen for those who can eat pork, but because I don’t eat pork so I choose the Garlic Chicken Teppan Rice with the IDR 60,000.00. It is simple rice with garlic and chicken with bright yellow color like corn, my favorite edible thing.

The last is the desserts. I will order ice-creams: green tea ice creams and black sesame ice cream. I need two cold things to cool my stomach. And, for the drink, I always get tempted by its Strawberry Cruzz. For each ice cream costs IDR 25,000.00 and the drink costs IDR 30,000.00

So, let’s have full stomach day in the best Japanese restaurant Jakarta

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