Tuesday, September 15, 2015

IPPUDO: A Present for Bun Lovers

Do you love to eat buns? In the common buns in Indonesia, we often see a bun in a fluffy round shape. In the middle of its fluffy, there are many kinds of taste such as green nuts, chicken meat, chocolate, strawberry and cheese.

However, not all buns will be in that shape, there are always new modifications of these kind of side dishes.

Speaking of the favorite buns you love to eat, there is one restaurant that is internationally spread around the world. It originally comes from Japan by the founder, named Mr. Shigemi Kawahara.
This Japanese restaurant is located and represented only in Jakarta. It has been opened since 2014. This Japanese restaurant Jakarta has specialty in Japanese food. And, the most favorite ones are the IPPUDO Buns.

There are three kinds of buns. They are:

Pork Buns By IPPUDO Indonesia
  • Ippudo Pork Bun
    For this type of bun, this restaurant costs you with only IDR 28,000.00. With that price, you can get juicy braised pork belly and the special sauce made by IPPUDO. This menu is claimed as best seller not only in Jakarta, but all over the world. This food makes new title as all-time favorite, ever!
    By the look, you easily get tempted just for a glance. The look is simple but rich with colors. The bun is still in white color. The bun is not in fluffy round shape. For IPPUDO special bun, it is thin and it will be folded to keep the filling steady inside the bun. The white bun is garnished beautifully with salad leaves and it wraps the spicy sliced pork belly inside. It is surely yummy to be eaten.
  • Grilled Chicken Bun
    Another bun type specially made in IPPUDO is the grilled chicken bun. As its name, it must be filled with chicken meat. But, what is so special with this one?
    If we are looking at the look, the look is a folded white bun which wraps chicken meat grilled before. There is a salad leaf also as always. However, with the lower price, tagged as much as IDR 25,000.00, you can have teriyaki sauce dipping the boneless grilled chicken. So, please give  a try for this special halal bun.
  • Ebi Katsu Bun
    The last favorite bun is called Ebi Katsu Bun. It costs you the same like Ippudo Pork Bun, IDR 28,000.00. If you katsu lovers, this one will make you cannot be happier than ever. The Ebi Katsu Bun serves you with crunchy deep fried shrimp with spicy mayo sauce. If you eat the Ippudo buns, you will get the softest and freshly steamed buns ever in any other Japanese restaurant Jakarta.

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