Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Get Delicious Teppanyaki and Tempura in Japanese Restaurant Jakarta

Everybody in this world loves food. Every day they talk about in which restaurants are the best serving Italian foods, French foods, Indonesian foods or Japanese foods? They want to get delicious foods which are not available or served in other places or at least, a good place which serves foods better than the others. Besides Italian and French cuisines, which are popular among people in the world, Japanese cuisine could be considered as a food with many franchise restaurants in almost all over the world. In addition to delicious and healthy, Japanese cuisine is also served in unique ways. Foodies and food lovers can consume uncooked or cooked foods; just choose one or several foods which suit your taste and desire. Tempura and teppanyaki packages are two of popular Japanese foods served well in Edogin, Japanese restaurant Jakarta. Today, in this post, we are going to discuss about tempura and teppanyaki packages.

Tempura is a kind of fried food served with vegetables or seafood as its main ingredients. For your information, there are three ways to eat tempura. The first way, you just eat tempura like you used to do. You do not need dipping sauce because you only need tempura as it is. You enjoy every bite and every crunchy side. The second way is enjoying tempura with special sauce called ten-tsyu and Japanese radish called Daikon-oroshi.  The third way or the last way is enjoying tempura with salt. Do not way until it gets cold. Just enjoy tempura with salt while it’s hot to get the best taste! Oh, you are also allowed to eat tempura with rice or Japanese. Some of popular seafood used to make tempura are prawn, skate, white fish, squid and crab.

Teppanyaki is not a kind of food. It tends to be a style how Japanese people to grill and eat foods. Teppanyaki itself comes from two different Japanese words, teppan and yaki. Teppan is used to show iron plate, while yaki is the meaning of broiled, grilled or pain-fried. Since Teppanyaki has spread in almost all over the world, then the style slightly changes. For western style, Teppanyaki has shrimp, beef, scallops and even chicken on its plate. Meanwhile for Japanese people, cabbage or noodels served with sliced seafood or meat are ingredients used to gril on teppanyaki.

What about Indonesian style in enjoying Teppanyaki packages? If you are curious, you can visit and take your time at Edogin, Japanese restaurant Jakarta, located at Mulia Senayan Hotel. For dinner, you can come at 12pm to 02.30pm, while for dinner; you can come at 06.30pm to 10.30pm. It is open every day. Another menu besides Teppanyaki and tempura Robatayaki is sushi set.

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