Monday, September 21, 2015

Delightful Drinks For Me in Japanese Restaurant Jakarta

The best delightful and tempting drinks are served in the best Japanese restaurant Jakarta, named IPPUDO. It is the Japanese store which has a lot of delicious appetizers, main dishes, ramen, desserts, and drinks.
I guarantee you will never be disappointed with the yummy drinks. Let’s have a look to the menus:
1.    Orange / Strawberry / Pineapple / Lime Juice for the healthier drinks for those who need fruity servings.

2.    Bintang / Japanese Beer Can for those who want heavy drinks, you can order these beers.

3.  Jonzen-Mizunogotshi / Junmai Ginjo Pink / Ohka Ginjo Nama / Tokubetsu Junmai Rei-Shu Sake is definitely for sake-lovers.

4.     Beverages
·         Coca cola
·         Fanta
·         Diet coke
·         Aqua mineral water
·         Equil mineral water
·         Equil sparkling

      5.     Special Beverages from Ippudo:
·         Strawberry Cruzz
·         Kiwi Fizz
·         Strawberry Fizz
·         Blueberry Field
·         Fruit Punch Classic

Strawberry Cruzz By IPPUDO INDONESIA
My favorite and recommendation
For me, I would like to suggest the special beverages on the top of all. My best drink is the strawberry cruzz. It crushes me since I met at the first time. From the look, you will be refreshed by the ice water and the red color from strawberry. In addition, you will get more attracted by the mint leaves as the final touch for this Strawberry Cruzz.
Not only the name and the look are special, but also the idea to have it as the final touch. After you have light and heavy dishes. It absolutely will refresh you and you will go home happily from the best Japanese restaurant Jakarta.
The second idea of the drink there is the kiwi fizz. It looks so refreshing. Even though only dominant green color shown there, you can enjoy the moment slowly by slurping the kiwi in the cold ice.
The kiwi fizz is not like kiwi juice. If you look at the look, you can see that the kiwi is like being mashed or munched and then put inside the long stand glass with beautiful ice cube lights the green kiwi.

I almost forget, there are two other my favorite drinks. They are blueberry field and fruit punch classic. When the sun rises so hot, I would prefer to the fruit punch classic as the refresher of my body. It is classic orange but it has a little soda like Fanta inside it, if I am not mistaken. I can enjoy the day without barking. And, the blueberry field will be my last friend to enjoy with. It is soft and delicious blueberry I have ever had.

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