Monday, September 28, 2015

Sashimi and Kushiage to be Enjoyed in Japanese Restaurant Jakarta

Tasty and nutritious foods are always hounded by foodies and food lover. It does not matter how expensive the price is, as long as they are satisfied then it would be fine. Delicious foods can come from anywhere, include Japan. Well, we cannot deny the fact that Japanese foods have become popular foods in these recent days. Even in the smallest town, there is at least one Japanese restaurant, though it is built by local people or the true Japanese people. One of Japanese foods, which are populist and touching the lower ranks, is sushi and ramen. Everybody loves sushi and ramen. Everybody wants to eat them every day and every night. Even ramen can be found in packs of instant noodle. But Japanese food is not always about ramen and sushi; it is also about Sashimi and kushikatu. Those two foods are available in Sumire, Japanese restaurant Jakarta.

Eating sashimi means you will eat raw meat or fish. Of course, you are curious about the taste, right? You are wondering how it like is, consume raw fish or meat. For the first time, it has a strange taste in your mouth, but if you keep eating it more and more, then finally you’ll get it into a habit. Some people, which are non Japanese, sometimes get confused between sashimi and sushi, though those two foods are totally different. Sashimi, as you have known, serves raw fish or meat, while sushi is made from rice with raw fish as one of its ingredients. But sushi is not limited to seafood at all, but it also includes other ingredients like eggs and vegetables. In Japan, sashimi is popular as the main course served with miso soup and rice, presented separately. Ingredients that usually go well with sashimi are shrimp, octopus, squid, salmon, whale meat, scallop, yellowtail and mackerel. Because of a variety of fish used to make sashimi, then it means it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

What about kushikatsu? Kushikatsu, which is also called Kushiage, is grilled meat and flavored. Seafood, chicken, pork and seasonal vegetables are the ingredients usually used to make Kushiage. Bamboo is used to skewer kushiage and vegetable oil is used to fry kushiage. This food is the right choice when you hold a party at home or maybe just have a dinner together with your family.

Kushiage and Sashimi, as stated previously, can be found in Sumire, Japanese restaurant Jakarta. Other foods you can enjoy here are Teppanyaki items, Sushi, Tempura items, Yakitori and Sakeito. Sumire restaurant is located in Grand Hyatt Jakarta, precisely on the fourth floor. It is open every day, from Monday to Sunday.

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