Thursday, September 17, 2015

Special Dishes in The Best Japanese Restaurant Jakarta

Go to IPPUDO in Jakarta is one of my dreams so far. Being able to visit the restaurant founded by the Ramen King in the world makes me proud. The most wanted menus, of course, are the ramen. However,  Mr. Shigemi Kawahara as the chef and owner of IPPUDO around the world makes some other special main dishes to serve their beloved customers.

If you never go there, you can open the official website to look for the menus there. And, you can download the offline menu to accompany you to everywhere and every time.
Besides the ramen menus, you have to try the hot plates menus such as:

1.    Bakuretsu Tofu
2.    Ippudo Tonkotsu Soup Gyoza
3.    Chashu Tsukune Teppan
4.    Saikoro Steak

Bakuretsu tofu is a bowl of hot soup with tofu in spicy taste. It is originally classic menu that IPPUDO has. This bakuretsu tofu mixes the spicy diced-tofu and minced pork with crispy noodle type. Be careful not to touch the hot stone pot, okay?
By only looking to the bowl full with its filling, your hunger will be increased as you only see it. Be hurry to touch the spoon, taste, and finish the food. Not only the taste tastes good but also the color of the mixture will satisfy you. It is prettified by the white tofu, red chili paste, the orange hot broth, and green slices of leek.
Thinking about the price, it will only cost you IDR 45,000.00.

Ippudo Tonkotsu Soup Gyoza by IPPUDO INDONESIA
Ippudo Tonkotsu Soup Gyoza is another hot soup in the stone bowl. It serves you with softer color. it dominates by the white color from tonkotsu broth which is made from the pork bone cooked in long time. This time you will have creamy soy bean soup mixed with the special broth Ippudo has originally.
To buy Ippudo Tonkotsu Soup Gyoza, you only need to pay IDR 50,000.00.

Chashu Tsukune Teppan is a hot stone plate which has minced pork, fried noodle, and poached egg on the stage. The color is more natural that around yellow brown and white colors. But the look is quite tempting. All the fillings are stood and beautifully dressed by little sliced leek on the top of it. For this little food, you need to pay IDR 48,000.00.

The last hot plate menu is, Saikoro Steak. It is made by the fillings of grilled rib eye cubes, asparagus, carrots, broccoli and the special sauce. The rib eye cubes are the most delicious for all. It is only a few but it can make you full. Just roll your wallet IDR 85,000.00 then you can have it in front of you.

Those four hot plate menus tempt you so fast. Just choose one or you will get too late to get the best menu in the best Japanese restaurant Jakarta.

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