Monday, September 14, 2015

Pamper Your Taste Buds with Delicious Japanese Dishes in IPPUDO

IPPUDO is not just a Japanese restaurant which offers ramen. This restaurant is also good option for you who love Japanese dishes. Finding a Japanese restaurant perhaps is not quite difficult but gets the one which offers original menu with high quality of ingredients are not as easy as you think. There are numerous Japanese restaurants that located in the big cities such as Jakarta but IPPUDO is actually the best Japanese restaurant Jakarta. IPPUDO is considered as the top restaurant in Japan. Even though Japanese ramen becomes the main course that is offered by this restaurant, the new innovations that always be developed in this restaurant allow the beloved customers to try many other delicious Japanese menus. Enjoying dining in this restaurant will give you different because this restaurant will not only serve you with delicious Japanese menu but also present the Japanese ambiance through the decorations and details of the restaurants.

bakuretsu tofu - Ippudo Indonesia
This restaurant offers wide arrays of menu, starting the appetizer up to dessert that related to Japanese dishes. These are several Japanese dishes that are recommended to try whenever you drop by in this restaurant. One of favourite dishes in this restaurant is Bakuretsu Tofu. This is Japanese classic dishes which serve crispy noodle and tofu with chopped pork in spicy taste. It is usually served in hot stone pot in order to preserve its warm so that it tastes deliciously when it touches your mouth. There are also several Japanese rolls that you can enjoy in this restaurant. For instance, you can try light seared salmon roll that spiced up with mentaiko and serve with cod roe as topping. For you who like eel, you can try one of interesting menu called unagi roll with teriyaki sauce. This Japanese restaurant Jakarta also offers some selections of Teppan rice. You can choose Teppan rice that is made using fragrant garlic and served with chopped chicken. If you want more toppings, you can go with the one which is made using tonkotsu rice and served with beef, egg, and cheese as toppings. There is also spicy Teppan rice which is served with spicy chopped pork and miso. There are also other Japanese dishes that are lighter such as chicken tempura rice. This menu is made using battered chicken cutlet that is cooked in deep fry and prepared using steamed rice. There is also chicken katsu which consists of deep fried chicken cutlet complemented with steamed eggs.

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