Thursday, September 3, 2015

Try Classic Taste of Shiromaru Motoaji in IPPUDO

Ippudo Indonesia - Shiromaru Motoaji
IPPUDO is perfect restaurant that you should drop by if you happen to be a ramen lover. You do not need to go to Japan in order to enjoy the Japanese taste of delicious ramen. IPPUDO is considered as the best Japanese restaurant Jakarta since it is the branch of the real IPPUDO restaurant in Japan. In Japan, this restaurant has been well known as the best ramen restaurant for many years due to history of its founder which happens to be one of the greatest ramen chef that is not only famous in Japan but also International. Due to its popularity and good quality of ramen, IPPDO not only develop its branches in Japan but also many countries including Indonesia. This ramen restaurant is very special for every ramen lover since it always develops new innovation for its menu. You ramen dining experience will be even more complete with the warm atmosphere and Japanese design of the restaurant.

Once you step in this restaurant, you will be given with wide arrays of delicious menu. The main course that is offered in the main course is considered as one of the things that makes this restaurant so special. One of the best main course menus that you should never miss is Shiromaru Motoaji. This menu is considered as classic Japanese ramen that is served in Hakata style. Shiromaru Motoaji is a ramen menu from this restaurant which consists of pork loin and very thin noodles. It is served with several condiments such as spring onions, bean sprouts, and kikurage. What make this menu very special is that it is dished up with the original tonkotsu broth from this restaurant. In order to provide interesting dining experience for ramen lover, this Japanese restaurant Jakarta offers several options of combination for Shiromaru menu. For instance, you can try Shiromaru Tamago which is combined with soft-boiled egg or Shiromaru Chasu that is served with shimmered pork belly. There is also Shiromaru special which use more combinations including soft-boiled egg, pork loin, pork bell and seaweed as condiments. Whenever you opt for this menu, you will be able to taste the high quality of original noodles from this restaurant. IPPUDO original noodles have been well known to have soft texture and deep flavour. They come with natural aroma of wheat when they are boiled and served. You can choose the hardness level of the noodles as well.

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